À la carte menu


Salted herring with onion, sour cream and boiled potatoes 4,00 €

Cheese cutlet with fruits 5,00 €

Cheese cutlet with salted beans 5,00 €


Lightly salted salmon with toasted white bread and butter 7,00 €

Fish platter – enough for two 19,00 €
lightly salted salmon, whitefish tartar, whitefish roe, pickled catfish, smoked hake cream

Meat platter – enough for two 16,00 €
roast duck fillet, slow-cooked pork fillet, roast beef, baked lamb neck

A big dish of snacks – enough for two 9,00 €
dill pickles, pickled onion and garlic, cheese, garlic bread, salted lard

Dill pickles with garlic honey 3,00 €

Moscow doesn´t believe in tears 3,00 €
pickled onion, garlic and fresh pickles


A beer snack Postipoiss – 4,50 €
baked crisp pig ears

Chicken wings with sauce 4,50 €

Salted beans with smoked bacon 2,50 €

Garlic bread 2,50 €


Handmade Siberian dumplings with pork and beef filling and sour cream 6,00 €

Siberian dumplings with mushroom sauce 6,00 €


Russian-style buckwheat and wheat blini with trout roe 7,00 €

Russian-style buckwheat and wheat blini with smoked fish cream 4,50 €


Fish salad with smoked hake, lemon & dill dressing 6,00 €
salad mix, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, radish, beetroot, egg, smoked fish mousse

Duck fillet salad with fruit 8,00 €
slow-cooked duck fillet, salad mix, orange, grapes, strawberries, balsamic vinegar, honey & oil dressing

Roast beef salad 7,00 €
salad mix, potatoes, radish, cherry tomatoes, sesame seeds, spicy oil dressing

Fresh salad with herb & oil dressing 4,00 €
salad mix, watermelon, melon, strawberries, cucumber, pumpkin seeds


Clear soup of two fish (salmon, pike perch, whitefish roe) 5,50 €

Brosch – Russian soup with mushrooms and black plums under a pastry crust 5,50 €

Okroshka or cold beetroot soup 3,50 €



Baked salmon steak 16,00 €
creamy butter & lemon sauce, grilled (new) potatoes, roasted courgette, tomato with pine nuts

Pike perch in panko breadcrumbs 14,00 €
creamy butter & lemon sauce, potato purée, pickled courgette


‘Post boy’ pork chop with walnuts + small vodka shot (2 cl) 16,00 €
baked jacket potatoes, stir-fried vegetables and a mustard sauce

Ox fillet – grilled marinated beef tenderloin 22,00 €
blackcurrant & wine sauce, garlic potatoes, warm mushroom salad, baked tomatoes with cheese

Grilled lamb neck 18,00 €
blackcurrant & wine sauce, garlic potatoes, roasted vegetables

Grilled pork fillet 12,00 €
mustard sauce, potato & wild garlic mash (mashed jacket potatoes with oil & wild garlic), roasted vegetables and champignons

Lightly roasted duck breast 14,00 €
raspberry sauce, caramelised apples & rhubarb, couscous


Vegetarian meal-  peppers filled with couscous & cheese, mushroom sauce  8,00 €

Vegetables and fruits roasted in a cast-iron pan 5,00 €


Hot chocolate cake with ice cream 4,00 €

Lemon & cheese curd cake 4,00 €

Strawberry & rhubarb soup with fresh cheese cream 4,00 €

Ice cream with sweet sauce 3,50 €

Assorted cheese with fruits 6,00 €

The kitchen is closed from Sunday to Thursday at 23:00; On Friday and Saturday at 24:00