À la carte menu

APPETIZERS AND SNACKS                                              

Cheese schnitzel with fruit or salted beans or French fries 6,50 €

Spicy chicken wings with chili mayonnaise                                             5 €

Salted beans with bacon                                                                                3,50 €

Sweet potato fries with horseraddish sauce 3,90 €

Herring fillet, pickled onion, sour cream, new potatoes                     6 €

Salt cured salmon fillet with toast and butter                               8 €

Drink accompaniments platter                                     10 €

Pickled cucumber, pickled onion and garlic, caraway cheese, salted speck, garlic breadБ

Pickled cucumber with  3,90 €  honey                                                                                                                              

Garlic bread with speck 5,50 €


Caesar salad with chicken 8 €

hot smoked salmon 8,50 €

beetroot marinated salmon 8,50 €

Smoked salmon salad with cottage cheese, early season potatoes, greens                              7,50 €


Siberian dumplings with sour cream                                                    8 €

Siberian dumplings in mushroom sauce                                            8 €

Lamb dumplings with sour cream and Uncle Vanya´s

pickled cucumber 9 €

Sauerkraut and cumin dumplings with sour cream

and cripsy kale 8 €

Mushroom and onion dumplings with sour cream 8 €

Vegetable varenyky with marinated onion and adjika 8 €

Potato and onion varenyky with sour cream, roasted onions

and crispy kale 8 €

Buckwhat blinis made of flour from Tõrvaaugu Organic Farm

with trout roe, herring roe and sour cream                                          9 €

with Russian trout liver salad and marinated onions 8 €


Borsch with pork, mushrooms and dark plums

under pastry topping                    7 €


Two-fish patties (Mashed potatoes, white wine and spinach sauce, pickled beetroot)                                                                 9,50 €

Grilled pork tenderloin and vegetable skewers (french fries, mustard sauce)           12 €

Postipoiss Kyiev (chicken breast fillet with bone)
with mashed potatoes and grilled cherry tomatoes 13 €

Wildboar roast in berry and portwine sauce with buttery potato mash,

honey roasted garlic and crispy kale 16 €

Grilled beer-marinatedpork rib (500g) + 2cl shot of Russian vodka

With french fries, onion lecho and garden greens                                   16 €

Nostalgic fried potatoes with onion, bacon, pickles

and cottage cheese salad 7,90 €


Nostalgic fried potatoes with onion, mushrooms, pickles

and cottage cheese salad 7,90 €


Curds varenyky with homemade cherry jam        4,50 €

Cherry varenyky with sour cream        4,50 €

Baked apple varenyky        4,50 €

Cheese cake with orange 5 €

Ice cream with sweet dressing                                                                   3,90 €

Lactose-free ice cream                                                                             3,90 €


Petrovski sipping                                                                                              2 €

Homemade cranberry drink                                                                        1,80 €