À la carte menu


Salted herring with onion, sour cream and boiled potatoes 4,00 EUR

Cheese cutlet with fruits 5,00 EUR

Cheese cutlet with salted beans 5,00 EUR

Fried chicken liver seasoned with brandy with apples and onion on a cast iron pan 5,00 EUR


Lightly salted salmon with toasted white bread and butter 6,50 EUR

Fish platter – enough for two 17,00 Eur
lightly salted salmon, cod liver salad, pickled catfish and salted whitefish

Meat platter – enough for two 14,00 EUR
marinated chicken fillet, boiled beef tongue, roast beef, ham rolls stuffed with cheese and garlic

Dill pickles with garlic honey 3,00 EUR

Moscow doesn´t believe in tears 3,00 EUR
pickled onion, garlic and fresh pickles

A big dish of snacks – enough for two 9,00 EUR
dill pickles, pickled onion and garlic, cheese, garlic bread, salted lard


A beer snack Postipoiss – baked crisp pig ears 4,00 EUR

Chicken wings with sauce 4,00 EUR

Salted beans with smoked bacon 2,50 EUR

Garlic bread 2,50 EUR


Handmade Siberian dumplings with pork and beef filling and sour cream 5,50 EUR

Siberian dumplings with mushroom sauce 5,50 EUR

Siberian dumplings sour cream and cheese on a cast iron pan 5,50 EUR


Russian-style buckwheat and wheat blini with trout roe 7,00 EUR

Russian-style buckwheat and wheat blini with cod liver salad 5,50 EUR


Salmon salad with mustard & honey dressing 8,00 EUR
lightly salted salmon, mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber and boiled egg

Kurochka Ryaba salad with marinated chicken  6,00 EUR
marinated chicken fillet, mixed salad leaves, cucumber, cherry tomato, egg, black plum and walnuts in a mayonnaise and cream dressing

Beef tongue salad with creamy horseradish dressing 5,50 EUR
boiled beef tongue, mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, potatoes boiled in their skins, pickles,pickled garlic and green peas

Fresh salad with herb & oil dressing 4,00 EUR
mixed salad leaves,  cucumber,cherry tomatoes, pears and grapes


Spicy lamb soup  4,50 EUR

Brosch – Russian soup with mushrooms and black plums under a pastry crust 5,50 Eur

Creamy pumpkin soup with ginger and orange 4,00 EUR



“Lake Onega” salmon  15,00 EUR
baked salmon fillet with cod liver and mushrooms, creamy white whine sauce, potato&cheese cake and steamed broccoli

Pan-fried pike perch fillet 13,00 EUR
creamy white whine sauce, potato&pumpkin purée and pickledvegetables


‘Post boy’ pork chop with walnuts + small vodka shot (2 cl) 16,00 EUR
baked jacket potatoes, stir-fried vegetables and a mustard sauce

Ox fillet – grilled marinated beef tenderloin 22,00EUR
blackcurrant & wine sauce, garlic potatoes, warm mushroom salad, baked tomatoes with cheese

Stewed moose 22,00 EUR
blackcurrant & wine sauce, garlic potatoes and vegetable ragoût

“Lvov” pork fillet 10,00 EUR
grilled pork fillet, mustard sauce, baked jacket potatoes,grilled vegetables and warm mushroom salad 

Leg of lamb stewed with herbs  22,00 EUR
garlic potatoes and vegetable ragoût

Pozharsky chicken cutlet from chicken fillet with cheese&butter filling 9,00 EUR
smoked cheese sauce, potato purée, roasted vegetables and champignons


Vegetarian meal-  open pie with vegetables and Brie  6,00 EUR


Hot chocolate cake with ice cream 4,00 EUR

Cottage cheese patty with sour cream and sweet raspberry sauce 3,50 EUR

Baked cheesecake with berry sauce 4,00 EUR

Ice cream with sweet sauce 3,50 EUR

Assorted cheese with fruits 5,00 Eur


Petrovski sipping 1,50 Eur

Cranberry drink 1,50 Eur

Hot honey drink with wine 3,50 Eur


The kitchen is closed from Sunday to Thursday at 21:00; On Friday and Saturday at 24:00