À la carte menu


Herb cheese balls with chilli mayonnaise                                                7

Spicy chicken wings with chilli mayonnaise                                              6.50

Salted beans with bacon                                       4.20 €

Salted speck 100 g                                        3.20  €

Sweet potato fries with horseradish sauce          4.20 €

Herring fillet, pickled onion, sour cream, dill potato, egg     6.50 €

Marinated eel in jar, marinated onion and toast bread 13 €

Pickled cucumber with garlic honey                             4.20 €

 Aunt Galya’s pickled mushrooms             4.20 €

Potato draniki                                    with sour cream                       7

                                                                cold-smoked salmon          8,50 €

                                                 fish roe, onion and sour cream        11

Garlic bread with salted lard slices                                     5,50 € 

Crispy battered herring with lemon aioli                            5,50 €

Beer friends´platter (for at least two persons)                     15 €

Garlic bread, cheese balls, spicy chicken wings, crispy fish, jalopeno, garlic sauce, chilli sauce

Wine friends´ platter                                                              19 €

Brie cheese, blue cheese, caraway cheese, smoked cheese, oliives, grissini, blackcurrant jam

Vodka friends´platter                                                            13 €

Garlic bread, salted speck, salted herring fillet, smoked veal tongue, salted salmon fillet, marinated red onion, pickled cucumber, aunt Galya´s marinated mushroom, garlic sauce

Party platter for six                                                                29 €

Garlic bread, cheese balls, spicy chicken wings, crispy fish, jalopeno, garlic sauce, smoked veal tongue, marinated red onion, pickled cucumber, aunt Galya´s marinated mushroom


Caesar salad with chicken fillet                                       8,50 €

Caesar salad with cured salmon                                          9 €

Grilled goat cheese salad with marinated beetroot           9,50 €


Siberian dumplings with sour cream                                          8 €  

Siberian dumplings with mushroom sauce                       8 €  

Lamb dumplings                                                                   9 €

with Uncle Vanya’s pickled cucumber and sour cream 

Mushroom-onion dumplings with sour cream                     8 €


Borscht with mushrooms, pork and dark plums             7,50 €

Chicken and coconut soup                                           6,50  €


Fish and Chips                                                                  14 €

Local Pärnu bay fish fillet in crispy beer batter, fries, salad, tartar sauce 

Grilled pork chops                                                            16 €

with potato puree and mushroom sauce + 2 cl of Estonian vodka   

Creamy Tagliatelle pasta w/ bacon and mushroom       9 €

Halibut fillet with lemon risotto, broccoli and spicy oil    15 €

Grilled grassland beef sirloin                                          24 €

potato and garlic gratin, pepper sauce

Braised wild boar                                                              18 €

potato puree, pepper sauce

Fish burger                                                                         15 €

fish pattie, wakame, tartarsauce, cucumber, red onion, greens, sweet potato fries

Cheese burger                                                                            14 €

beef burger, Cheddar, tomato, cucumber, red onion, bacon mayo, fries

Fried chicken fillet in parmesan crust                                  13 €

Fries, spicy tomato chutney

Nostalgic fried potatoes                                                8,90 €

with onion, bacon, cottage cheese salad and pickled cucumber  


Lemon risotto                                                                    8,90 €

Nostalgic fried potatoes                                                  8,90 €

with onion, mushrooms, cottage cheese salad and pickled cucumber 

SIDES (one side per each main course is included, extra side +3,50 )

Fried potato

Potato and garlic gratin

Lemon risotto

Sweet potatp fries with Caesar sauce

Fries with ketchup

Potato puree

Seasonal green salad

Farmer Aadu´s colourful vegetables


Granny´s curd pancakes                                                              6 € 

with sour cream, cherry jam and berries                         

Hot chocolate lava cake                                                                6 €

with icecream, berries and black currant jam 

Ice cream with sweet sauce (lactose-free option also available) 4,50 €


Homemade cranberry drink 25 cl                                                           2 €

Petrovsksi sip (root beer with spices) 25cl                              2,20 €

Uzvar  (Ukrainian sweet beverage from dried fruits and berries)  2 €